Learning Resources

Learning Resources

SmarTrade is a training and consultancy company that conducts free training and learning sessions on how to trade forex, CFDs, oil, and gold to empower our clients to make sound financial decisions when handling these various financial instruments.



Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis is a technique for studying financial markets, such as the foreign exchange (forex) market, by looking at economic, social, and political variables that could affect the

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Fundamental Indicators

Fundamental Indicators Forex traders frequently track the number of fundamental indicators to evaluate the state of economies and probable currency moves. As for the following these crucial fundamental indicators for

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Lagging Indicator

Lagging Indicator In forex trading, lagging indicators support and corroborate prior price moves and patterns. All because whenever they send signals after a price shift has occurred, they are known

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ATFX bolsters business opportunities worldwide

"ATFX, a globally-acclaimed broker, recently hosted its annual dinner for partners worldwide in Bangkok, Thailand as a celebration of the company’s success and an opportunity to widen business opportunities for its partners in the Philippines and the rest of Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa."


Be your own boss of your money flow

Have you ever wondered how to be the boss and manage your wealth smartly? Though challenging, there are various ways of earning money and one of that is through online trading. It’s quite risky but very rewarding if you are equipped with the right tools and knowledge. However, the most basic challenge that Filipinos face daily is the lack of tools, knowledge, or even guidance. As a result, they end up mismanaging their wealth as they blindly invest in different markets.

SmarTrade Ipon Challenge teaches kids value of saving

In line with its advocacy to promote financial literacy of Filipinos, SmarTrade, in partnership with ATFX Cares, recently launched its latest CSR program designed to encourage kids to save and learn about money management.

SmarTrade underscores value of a trusted online trading partner

SmarTrade was established in 2017 as a training and consultancy company to fill the need for educational platforms that can introduce Filipinos to the online trading world. It has been providing free learning sessions, covering a range of topics from foundational concepts to risk management and the creation of trading plans and strategies, plus the importance of partnering with a reputable trading broker.

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