Trading Strategies or Relationship Styles?

The love month is still not over and today, we would like to play some metaphor game and see if there are similarities between trading strategies and relationship styles. Are you ready, guys?
Remember, this is just for fun so don’t get too serious, okay?

The trading game is just like a relationship. You see several personalities and you get to wonder, what really is their style when it comes to love and romance? Well, let us round this up for you, and let us know if this sounds all too familiar. Ready? 

1. Scalping. Scalping is the shortest type of trading strategy where one holds the position for minutes at the most and leverages on small intraday movements. The scalper aims for quantity or volume, making smaller profits that accumulate throughout the day. If you
compare scalpers to personalities in the love game, they are your modern-day Casanovas. They love the game so much that they bounce from one fling to the next, not wanting to be tied into anything permanent. 

2. Day trading. Coming from its main keyword, day traders enter and exit within the day to avoid any overnight movement that can affect their game. This personality doesn’t really like commitments so expect they won’t spend the night with you! 

3. Swing trading. This trading strategy gives you more flexibility when managing your trades because you don’t have to monitor and analyze the market in several spurts per day. Instead, you hold your position for several days and sometimes weeks. In love and romance, we don’t have Casanova here, ladies, but surely not Noah from The Notebook, too! This guy (or gal) would love to spend time with you but still would evaluate where things are going.

4. Position trading. Position traders play the game for months, even years. This kind of strategy is not concerned with minor price fluctuations but looks at their trades from a more bird’s eye view type or perspective. Position traders aim to maximize their profits by analyzing long-term market movements. When it comes to relationships, this may be for the win (unless of course, you are not looking for a long-term commitment yourself) because they are not concerned with the mundane things. 

So there you go, ladies and gents. Hope we didn’t touch any nerves there! There is no science to this analysis – just pure fun because we are romantically inspired.  Buuuut, if you are not into this whole romance thing, ditch all the craziness this February and just
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