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Data Privacy Consent: ​

In compliance with the requirements of the Data Privacy Act, SMARTRADE would like to secure your consent on the general use and sharing of information obtained from you in the course of your transaction/s with us.

These data, which include your personal or sensitive personal information, may be collected, processed, stored, updated, or disclosed by SMARTRADE (1) for legitimate purposes; (2) to implement transactions which you request, allow, or authorize; (3) to offer and provide new or related products and services of SMARTRADE or third parties; and, (4) to comply with SMARTRADE’s internal policies and its reporting obligations to governmental authorities under applicable laws. Your consent will allow SMARTRADE to process, collect, use, store, or disclose your information to other members, to governmental authorities, and to third parties, as may be necessary. 

Your information may continue to be collected, stored, processed, and /or shared for five (5) years from the conclusion of your transactions withus or third parties or until the expiration of the retention limits set by applicable law, whichever comes later. 

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By registering, you are deemed (1) to have read and understood the Terms and Conditions; (2) to have acknowledged your rights under the Data Privacy Act; and (3) to have freely and voluntarily waived your rights under the Data Privacy Act.

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