Online Trading Starter Kit

Online Trading Starter Kit


Questions You Need To Ask Before Starting On Online Trading

When you start thinking about where you can invest your hard-earned money, many resources would point you to real estate or trading currencies stocks,  cryptocurrency, gold, and the like.  With the pandemic still in our midst, online trading has grown exponentially in the past months, giving people access to investing in different financial instruments and markets while in the comfort of their own homes. 

But while the information you find online may seem enough to get you started, it is important that you fully educate yourself and understand the world of forex trading so that you don’t run into unnecessary losses. 

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you start forex trading online

What are the differences between online forex trading and other investment opportunities?

Investment can come in many different forms. Some would invest in real estate, others would get their feet wet in trading instruments like stocks, currencies, crypto, oil, and gold. You should educate yourself on the strengths and weaknesses of each of these instruments so you can have an educated decision on which ones you should focus on and invest in. 

What are the risks involved in online trading?

Trading currencies always comes with risks and it is important to really embody this so you don’t act on emotions or spur-of-the-moment decisions that you will regret later on. That is why here at SmarTrade, we educate our traders in sound risk management so that they are knowledgeable on how to manage their investments and the risks involved. 

What are your short-term and long-term goals in trading currency online?​

The strategies you will employ when you are trading short-term will be different from long-term traders. You need to set your goals when you start forex trading online so that you can educate yourself on what kind of instruments you can maximize, and at the same time, the tactics that you will execute when doing your trades. 

What’s the minimum amount you need to prepare to invest in online forex trading?

There are many different platforms that you can check out when you want to start trading online. Trading platform ATFX, for example, can get you started with a minimum amount of $200. You can start low and learn the ropes from there. The most important thing is that as you grow your investment, you also equip yourself with tools and techniques to “sharpen your saw.”

Where can you learn more about strategies you can use in trading currency online?

The Internet makes it easy for everyone to educate themselves but why risk getting the wrong information when you can have FREE online trading learning sessions and 1-on-1 coaching with SmarTrade financial coaches? SmarTrade’s aim of promoting sound financial education to the Filipinos and how they can manage their investments is something that every beginner and intermediate trader should check out. There is no more excuse not to learn the tricks of the trade. To register for a session, check out 

Everyone who is starting with something new starts from Square 1, just like with online trading. But with SmarTrade, you can accelerate your online trading education and trade smartly in no time! Visit our website today and let’s move forward together towards a better financial future for you and your family.

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