Event Organizers

Event Organizers


Event Organizers

Event Organizers. We at SmarTradePH wanted to work closely with our clients during the planning process to manage every aspect of the event.

SmarTrade PH sponsored by ATFX aims to open the minds of the Filipino people in Online Trading. We want everyone to have a financial stability and see the future with a positive mind. We want to enlighten everyone that Online Trading can be a long term investment once they learn on how to trader properly. 

SmarTrade PH is a Financial Educational Hub that offers FREE learning sessions. Webinars, seminars and one-on-one coaching anywhere in the Philippines. With the help of our Learning Consultant and Speakers that has years of experience in the Industry, we hope that in a few years from now; each dreams will be a one step closer. 


To learn more about FOREX TRADING and many more visit our website at: https://smartradeph.com/
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