Preventions on Trading Euphoria

Preventions On Trading Euphoria Trading Euphoria refers to the feeling you get when everything seems to be going your way in the markets. You are on a hot streak in the market, and everything seems to continue forever, or at least as long as you trade it. Before you know it, your accounts grow more […]

What macroeconomic factors drive the currency market?

Macroeconomic Factors What Macroeconomic Factors drive the currency market? The Forex trading market can be defined as the market that deals with currencies. It comes from the terms of buying and selling them. The most widely used currencies include the US dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, and other Asian currencies. The currency trading market […]

Inflation: Why Too Much Money Chases Too Few Goods and Services

When there are too many consumers chasing too few products and services, inflation happens. When this happens, the prices will rise. The higher prices get, the less purchasing power people have because their money doesn’t buy as much stuff. This vicious cycle can spiral out of control until the economy collapses, leaving the country with […]

5 Reasons Why the Forex Market is the Largest Financial Market

FOREX Market 5 Reasons Why The Forex Market Is The Largest Financial Market How important is the Forex Market? It’s certainly one of the largest financial markets in terms of volume, but just how big is it compared to other financial markets? This article takes a look at five reasons why the Forex Market is the largest financial […]

From Bears to Bulls, Financial Terms You Should Know

Trend Analysis From Bears To Bulls, Financial Terms You Should Know In the financial world, bull and bear are two of the most common terms you’ll hear when it comes to market trends. But what do they mean? Where did they come from? If you’re interested in learning more about bull and bear markets, read on to find out […]

Top 5 Tips For Novice Traders

Tips for Novice Traders Novice Traders must have rigid discipline. Having a strict adherence to system, the novice traders can have love win rations yet have a working off checklist that can make they win in the battle of trading.  Financial literacy is still at its infancy here in the Philippines. Many Filipinos have no […]

How to start your trading journey

Online Trading for Starters How To Start Your Trading Journey The online trading industry has been growing quite remarkably, especially last year when people had more time. Many have started to open trading accounts and dip their toes in online trading. However, there are a number of traders who have given up early because of […]

How to spot online investment scams?

How to Spot Online Investment Scams Finding ways how to grow your hard-earned money can be challenging, especially since these types of “lessons” we don’t really learn in school. Financial blogs and articles would point to real estate, mutual funds, stocks, and other trading instruments as ways to achieve financial security.  Each type of investment […]

Why Partner with SmarTradePH

Why Partner with SmarTrade Why Partner with SmarTrade? Online trading has been a buzzword for the past few years. Many Filipinos have started understanding how the money market works and how they can maximize their knowledge and turn it into something that can bring them financial stability and freedom.  SmarTraders range from beginner traders to […]