Road to Financial Freedom

Road to Financial Freedom Road to Financial Freedom: What You Need to Know Financial freedom, also known as financial independence, refers to a state of personal financial well-being. Wherein an individual or household has accumulated enough wealth, assets, and passive income sources to cover their living expenses. Also, if they maintain their desired lifestyle without […]

Trading as Long Term Investment

Trading as Long Term Investment Do you happened to have a 8am-5pm day-job? Are you too busy with your fulltime job and doesn’t have enough time for yourself? Do want to invest without having to take too much of your time? Worry not because i have the answer to your problem. Trading as a long-term […]

Leading Indicator

Leading Indicator Foremost, indicators are called “leading” since they are intended to send signals before a price movement occurs. Enabling traders to make decisions in advance. Furthermore, a trading strategy can be improved by combining many leading indicators with other types of analysis. Moreover, even though no indicator can ensure precise forecasts. Relative Strength Index […]

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis is a technique for studying financial markets, such as the foreign exchange (forex) market, by looking at economic, social, and political variables that could affect the value of currencies. The intrinsic value of a currency has to be ascertained, and trading opportunities are to be found. The main elements of fundamental […]

Fundamental Indicators

Fundamental Indicators Forex traders frequently track the number of fundamental indicators to evaluate the state of economies and probable currency moves. As for the following these crucial fundamental indicators for forex are listed below Gross Domestic Product (GDP) As we all know, GDP is a metric used to assess a nation’s economic performance and expansion. […]

Lagging Indicator

Lagging Indicator In forex trading, lagging indicators support and corroborate prior price moves and patterns. All because whenever they send signals after a price shift has occurred, they are known as “lagging” indicators. Although they might need to improve forecasting future price fluctuations, they can help validate trends and offer further information. The following are […]

Guide to become a Profitable Trader

Guide to become a Profitable Trader​ Guide to become a Profitable Trader comes from discipline. Improving daily as a trader is the best way to achieve long-term financial goals. My question is: “How will you achieve them?” A combination of knowledge, experience, discipline, and ongoing growth is necessary to become a better trader. Improving yourself […]

Importance of Backtesting

Importance of Backtesting What is Backtesting Importance of Backtesting. To start with, Backtesting is a procedure used in trading to assess a trading system. It is also a strategy’s effectiveness based on past data. It entails simulating hypothetical trades and evaluating how the strategy would have performed historically by applying a set of established rules to […]

Pointers for Beginner Traders

Pointers for Beginner Traders Tips before starting your forex trading journey Pointers for Beginner Traders. Online Trading is intimidating most of the time because of the market’s volatility but many traders start their journey with forex trading. Are you ready to start your trading journey with forex? If YES then here are some tips that […]

Trading Education Importance

Trading Education Importance Trading Education Importance is over-the-top if you want to become a successful trader. In able to have profitable trades, you must undergo a proper trading education. SmarTrade PH offers FREE Learning Sessions in able for our fellow Filipinos to learn Online Trading as a Long Term Investment. Here’s the several reasons why Trading […]